“Unveiling the Truth: Jennifer Aniston’s Body Double Controversy in Filming Lingerie Scenes”

In perfect shape: Jennifer Aniston shows off her stunning figure in a scene from Meet The Millers

Looking fabulous: Jennifer Aniston displays her gorgeous physique in a clip from Meet The Millers.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

There was no need for a body double as Jennifer had a stunt double to perform the action scenes. However, she was delighted to take on some of the lingerie shots herself.

Cheeky glimpse: In between takes, Jennifer appeared to be keen to maintain her modesty in front of her co-stars

During the breaks from filming, Jennifer seemed determined to preserve her decency in the presence of her fellow actors. This was quite a teasing moment.

Double take: Jennifer's lingerie clad stunt double runs out of a smoking building on the set of We Are The Millers

A surprising sight on the set of We Are The Millers as Jennifer’s stunt double, dressed in lingerie, dashes out of a smoking building.

Stunt double

Jennifer Aniston

Can you tell the difference between Jennifer and her young body double? Look closely and you might notice that the doppelganger on the left has copied Jennifer’s hairstyle.

She's wearing a ring! But the gold band on Jennifer's hand is part of her costume, with the actress playing the part of a married woman

Wow, look at that ring on Jennifer’s finger! However, the beautiful golden band is merely a prop for her role as a married woman in the play.

Modest: Jennifer was then seen holding the shirt shut as she shot scenes alongside Jason Sudeikis, with whom she also starred in Horrible Bosses

Modest: Jennifer was then seen holding the shirt shut as she shot scenes alongside Jason Sudeikis, with whom she also starred in Horrible Bosses

Jennifer was spotted clutching the shirt tightly while filming alongside Jason Sudeikis, her co-star from Horrible Bosses. She maintained her modesty throughout the scene.

All star cast: Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts, was also seen on the set of the movie

The movie had an impressive lineup of actors, including Emma Roberts who is related to Julia Roberts and was spotted filming on set.

Action scenes: Two men are armed with guns as they shoot scenes on location in North Carolina

Two individuals wielding firearms are captured in a filming sequence at an exterior site in North Carolina.

Jennifer Aniston

The situation became perilous as a yellow Porsche collided with an RV.

We Are The millers

Wrecked: The high-end automobile was violently split in half.

Easy Rider: Aniston's fiance Justin Theroux was spotted out in New York riding his motorbike

Justin Theroux, who is engaged to Jennifer Aniston, was seen cruising on his motorcycle in the streets of New York.

Hitting the road: Justin looked the part, clad in his bike leathers and black and white helmet

Getting ready to ride: Justin was dressed to impress, sporting his sleek motorcycle leathers and a stylish black and white helmet.

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