“Unforgettable Ensembles: Miley Cyrus Rocks the Stage with Her NYE Outfits”

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A split of Miley Cyrus in a bra top and skirt, maroon jumpsuit and black dress

The famous singer Miley Cyrus threw a great “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” event with the help of comedian Pete Davidson. The party was filled with shimmer and sparkle, as the 29-year-old pop icon flaunted various dazzling outfits to celebrate the arrival of 2022. Let’s take a closer look at her wardrobe changes, including one that caused a minor mishap. The pictures from the event were captured by Getty Images.

Miley Cyrus rehearsing in a lack cutout jumpsuit

Before the highly-awaited performance, Cyrus practiced wearing her classic Gucci sunglasses and a Victor Glemaud black unitard that showed off her toned abs. The photo captures her during rehearsal, looking prepared and ready for the big event.

Miley Cyrus in a blue bra with a skirt and a rainbow feather jacket

Starting off the evening in a vibrant and feathered Dolce Gabbana ensemble, the singer known for her hit song “We Can’t Stop” stole the show. With a rainbow jacket, blue sequined bra, and a colorful striped miniskirt, she certainly made a statement. Her co-host, Davidson, joined her on stage, and together they parodied Will Smith’s “Miami” to kick off the show. Interestingly, the two have matching tattoos, although Davidson is currently in the process of removing all his ink.

Mile Cyrus singing in a black minidress

Following that, Cyrus changed into a more low-key Little Black Dress with elegant gold chains. She paired the Mugler ensemble, which was adorned with metallic accents, with similarly embellished boots from the same designer. The entire outfit was captured in a snapshot from NBCU Photo Bank’s Getty Images.

Mile Cyrus in a maroon cutout jumpsuit and blazer

Throughout the evening, she kept up her role as the ultimate hostess by sporting a variety of stunning outfits. One standout look was a cutout Saint Laurent catsuit paired with a bold red blazer and gloves. The ensemble was sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Miley Cyrus singing in a silver skirt and top

The celebrity shone brightly in a sleek Akna top adorned with barbed wire ($265) and a matching metallic mesh skirt ($575). However, just moments after the clock struck midnight, her top also fell off. Fortunately, she was able to catch it before it slipped away, and she quickly covered up with her red blazer from earlier. She joked about the situation, saying, “I’m still wearing more clothes than I ever have on stage!”

Miley Cyrus in an orange dress and large pink cape

Miley Cyrus, the brand ambassador of Gucci, recently debuted her latest song “You” while donning a stunning feather-decorated dress from the renowned Italian fashion house. This comes as no surprise since Cyrus has been known to embody her unique style and persona in all aspects of her life.

Noah and Miley Cyrus singing together on stage

As she sang a duet with her sister Noah Cyrus, the iconic Dolly Parton gracefully danced across the stage in a mesmerizing silver fringed jumpsuit. The entire performance was a visual treat for the audience.

Miley Cyrus in a black mesh dress

Cyrus never fails to amaze us with her fashion sense, even when the cameras are no longer rolling. In a recent backstage picture, she can be seen wearing a stunning black mesh dress paired with a matching bra and panties – styled by none other than her younger sister Noah. She proudly shared the look on her Instagram account, giving credit to her little sis for the impressive styling job.

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