The One Common Thread in Selena Gomez’s Hottest Looks of the Year

Confirmed: Selena Gomez is an absolute stunner and exudes sexiness effortlessly. We have witnessed this through her Instagram where she often poses seductively and flaunts her perfect bikini body. Her red carpet appearances and performances are also a testament to her ability to showcase her sensuality and toned physique through her fashion choices. Regardless of whether she’s donning high-waisted jeans and a white crop top or a slinky dress with a thigh-high slit, Selena radiates confidence and leaves us speechless. Check out the 13 times she left us in awe with her stunning looks, and also take a peek at some of the best GIFs capturing Selena’s flirty side.

You Won't Fully Appreciate How Sexy Selena Gomez's 2016 Was, Until You Take a Look at These Pictures

You won’t truly grasp the level of attractiveness Selena Gomez exuded in 2016 until you feast your eyes on these photos.

On Tour

Getty is currently on tour, dressed in a dazzling Monse jumpsuit. The outfit is sure to turn heads and adds an extra sparkle to the performance.

At Her Tour Kickoff Party

During her tour kickoff party, she was spotted wearing a stunning Galvan silver dress that hugged her curves perfectly. The outfit showcased her unique sense of style and made her stand out from the crowd.

Backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards, I found myself backstage surrounded by the energy and excitement of the event. My fashion choice for the evening was high-rise jeans paired with a stylish white crop top.

On the iHeartRadio Red Carpet

Getty caught a glimpse of the iHeartRadio Red Carpet where someone was seen wearing a Mugler jumpsuit.

On Stage at WE Day

A photograph taken at WE Day shows Getty standing on stage, dressed in a black two-piece outfit and a transparent cover-up.

On the Blue Carpet at WE Day

The Blue Carpet at WE Day was graced by the presence of someone sporting a casual yet stylish look. Clad in jeans, a white top, and a vibrant yellow duster jacket, this individual definitely stood out from the crowd.

At the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Getty captured an image of someone at the Oscar’s party hosted by Vanity Fair. The person appeared to be wearing a beautiful sequined dress designed by Louis Vuitton.

Selena Gomez's $10

Selena Gomez has been spotted wearing a trendy nail look that appears to be worth a lot more than its actual cost of $10. Despite its affordable price, the manicure gives off a high-end, supermodel vibe.

In Paris

Strolling through Paris, I’m donning a stunning Giambattista Valli frock. The city of love never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and charm.

In Paris

Rocking a Monse ensemble comprising of an off-the-shoulder blazer and pants while in Paris, captured by Getty. The photo captures a relaxed vibe with a touch of sophistication.

In Paris

The photo depicts someone wearing a transparent Louis Vuitton outfit while in Paris, with Getty being the possible source of the image.

Backstage at the Grammy Awards

Chilling behind the scenes of the Grammy Awards, donning a stunning Cushnie et Ochs frock. A picture-perfect moment captured by Getty.

On the Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards

Getty snapped a photo of someone attending the Grammy Awards, standing on the red carpet decked out in a beautiful Calvin Klein dress. The number 13 is written below the photo, perhaps indicating it was taken at the 13th annual event.

At the UNICEF Ball

Attending the UNICEF Ball, I was dressed in a stunning red leather outfit from the designer brand Louis Vuitton.

At the MET Gala

Spotting Getty at the MET Gala, donning a stunning Louis Vuitton attire.

Bucket Bags Are Making a Comeback, as Confirmed by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Bucket bags seem to be returning to the fashion scene, with endorsements from popular celebrities like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

On Tour

Getty is currently on a tour, donning a leotard that features cutouts. She is just 16 years old.

At the American Music Awards

During the American Music Awards ceremony, Getty captured some amazing moments.

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