“Stylishly Sizzling: Selena Gomez Rocks Leather Hot Pants for Thanksgiving Festivities”

A chat with the costume designer of the singer reveals the story behind her Thanksgiving NFL halftime show outfit, as reported by Pret-a-Reporter.

While you were snoozing on grandma’s couch after a hearty Thanksgiving meal last Thursday, Selena Gomez was busy wowing the crowd at the NFL halftime show during the Raiders-Cowboys game. Unlike your comfortable leggings and loose muumuu, Gomez opted for a daring outfit that wasn’t exactly food coma-friendly. She rocked a pair of leather hot pants with a sheer leather-tinged body suit, a sartorial choice that would have been intimidating for anyone who indulged in more than just a little bit of mom’s marshmallow-laced sweet potatoes. Nonetheless, Gomez looked stunning as ever.

The awesome outfit was provided by Marina Toybina, a costume designer who has received an Emmy award. She’s quite familiar with the live dance performance scene, having worked on various shows like X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, and even the documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me.

In creating this particular performance outfit, my goal was to showcase the diverse aspects of Selena’s style, personality, and stage presence. I aimed to design a stunning ensemble that would highlight her sophisticated elegance while still maintaining a feminine touch. From selecting the right materials and trims to incorporating eye-catching graphics, my focus was on enhancing her natural beauty from every angle. Crafting this piece required a week and a half of dedication, including the production of original sketches, gaining Selena’s approval, sewing initial samples, and making necessary adjustments to the final product.

Toybina has set a new challenge for us that we can accomplish on the next Thanksgiving by following a strict diet and exercise routine. It would have been impossible to fit our arm through it without the hard work of a week and a half’s worth of spinach smoothies and bootcamp. We are grateful for this opportunity to motivate ourselves to stay healthy even during the holiday season when all we want to do is indulge in potatoes and wear comfortable sweatpants.

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