“Shakira Finds Joy in Relationship with Formula One Racer, Lewis Hamilton”

Shakira, the popular Colombian singer, showed up to support Lewis Hamilton during his race at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix last week. According to a source who knows them both, the two are enjoying each other’s company and keeping things light and enjoyable. They are currently in the initial stages of getting to know each other better through various public outings.

Shakira is happy with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton - Photo 1.

No response has been received from the representatives of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton in regards to the latest news. The F1 Spanish Grand Prix held in Barcelona witnessed Shakira (46 years old) attending to support the race where the British racer, Hamilton (38 years old), came in second while competing for Mercedes. Following the event, the singer was seen spending time with Hamilton.

Tom Cruise et Shakira au F1 Grand Prix de Miami - Voici

Following the occasion, the pair enjoyed a night out with some pals which included Daniel Caesar, Fai Khadra, and Mustafa. A snapshot of the group was uploaded on Instagram, where Hamilton was seen with his arm around Shakira’s waist, and everyone was beaming while sipping on drinks during dinner.

Recently, Shakira was seen enjoying a boating trip with her friends in Miami, which happened after her attendance at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix with Hamilton. During the event, she received the prestigious Woman of the Year award from the Billboard magazine. In her acceptance speech, Shakira talked about her split with Gerard Piqué, a well-known football player, and shared her perspective on the matter.

Shakira is happy with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton - Photo 2.

The past year has brought about significant transformations in my life, and it has helped me understand the true essence of being a woman. I have come to the realization that us women possess an inner strength that surpasses our expectations, exhibit courage beyond our beliefs, and have the capability to be more self-reliant than we were indoctrinated. During my acceptance speech, I shared this revelation with the audience.

GP de Miami - Para Ganar

In June 2022, Shakira made the announcement of her separation from soccer player Gerard Piqué. The couple had been together since March 2011. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton has been linked with several famous women after his split with singer Nicole Scherzinger in 2015, such as Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj.

Shakira found out she'd been 'betrayed' by Gerard Pique while her dad was  in hospital - CNA Lifestyle

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