“Selena Gomez’s AMA Performance of Wolves: Lip Syncing or Genuine Singing?”

Selena Gomez has been accused of lip syncing during her performance of Wolves at the 2017 American Music Awards. Some have gone as far as to claim it was the biggest fraud in music. Despite this, she still managed to captivate the audience with her passionate and emotive rendition of the song.

A cut above: Selena emerged with 'cuts' on her knees and forehead as she rocked a white mini nightgown

Nevertheless, Selena Gomez failed to impress the audience viewing from their own homes.

A cut above: Selena emerged with 'cuts' on her knees and forehead as she rocked a white mini nightgown

Numerous Twitter users have been expressing their disappointment over the alleged lip-syncing performance of the 25-year-old celebrity. Some even went as far as calling her the “biggest fraud in the music industry,” as they believed that she failed to give a convincing lip-syncing performance.

Revealing pose: The  star's dress was so short that at points her underwear could be seen when she rolled around on the stage and the hood of the car

Despite Selena’s recent kidney transplant, some people were not very empathetic towards her situation.

So emotional: However some viewers accused Selena of disguising the fact she was lip syncing  by looking down and hiding her face with her hair

I am a huge fan of Selena Gomez, but she recently revealed that she lip syncs her entire set during performances. This explains why she spends the majority of her time on stage with her head down and face covered. One Twitter user, Aine, expressed confusion over why Selena can’t just admit to lip syncing instead of attempting to sing live when she clearly struggles with it.

I see London, I see France: In the process Selena may have accidentally flashed her undergarments

A Twitter user drew a comparison between Pink and Selena’s performances, claiming that Pink’s high-wire act was superior since she performed live while hanging off a building, whereas Selena supposedly lip-synced. It’s puzzling how these two artists are even being compared. Selena has yet to comment on the statement made.

Winning the audience: She earned uproarious applause from the crowd who didn't seem to worry about whether the hitmaker had lip synced of not

In the collaborative track, Wolves, with Marshmello, the music video showcased a stunning red Ford Mustang amidst a set that drew inspiration from a car crash.

Chilling vision: In black and white, the drama of Selena's stage performance really came alive

With her energetic performance, Selena flaunted her bold style in a white mini-nightgown that revealed her underwear due to its low-hanging cut. However, the cuts on her knees and forehead were also noticeable during the show. Additionally, she surprised her audience with a new blonde hairstyle.

Top performer: The performance was a showstopper and an epic way to return to the stage

She completed her look with matching white Puma shoes and ankle-high socks. The dancers beside her were dressed up as wolves.

High drama: There was plenty of emotion in her raw performance on Saturday

Selena made headlines on September 14 when she shared a photo of her and her BFF Francia Raisa holding hands while sporting hospital gowns. The photo indicated that Selena underwent a kidney transplant. Interestingly, Selena has also rekindled her romance with Justin Bieber, with whom she has been seen spending time recently. However, Justin was not with Selena at the gala.

Seriously fab: She delivered a memorable performance, wowing with her new blonde hair

The downtown Los Angeles-based Microsoft Theater was the venue for a star-studded event that featured some of the world’s most popular performers. The live broadcast of the show was aired by ABC. To decide the winners, a poll is conducted through the award show’s website, and the public is invited to cast their votes.

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