“Miley Cyrus Speaks Out Against Sexism in the Music Industry: MTV Director Slammed for Offensive Comment on Her VMAs Performance”

During a recent chat with Joe Rogan on his podcast, Miley Cyrus revealed a sexist experience she had with one of the directors of her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The incident occurred when she requested for the lights to be turned off during her performance, including a ‘beauty light’ that’s typically used for female performers. This didn’t sit well with the director, and Miley went on to describe the situation in detail.Technical difficulties: Miley Cyrus claims MTV director made a sexist comment about her raunchy VMAs performance... after she asked to be 'treated like a guy'

Miley Cyrus has spoken out about encountering technical difficulties during her VMAs performance and claims that a sexist comment was made by an MTV director. According to Cyrus, she had requested to be “treated like a guy” and asked for the lights in the room to be turned off with only natural lighting on her. She specifically requested for no beauty light, which is typically used on women. Cyrus stated that she was not being a diva but simply asking questions. She also mentioned that it would be unlikely for Travis Scott or Adam Levine to be told they couldn’t turn off the beauty light, suggesting a double standard in the industry. In response to her request, the MTV director allegedly made a sexist comment, and Cyrus insisted on being treated equally to male performers. Eventually, the director agreed to treat her similarly to male performers, and the performance went ahead as planned.

Beauty: Miley - who shared these stunning snaps on Thursday - made the comments while appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast

Miley Cyrus, who posted some breathtaking pictures on Thursday, stated her thoughts during her appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast about beauty.

Double standards: Miley has revealed how she wanted the 'beauty light' cut from her VMAs performance

Miley Cyrus has recently disclosed her desire to remove the ‘beauty light’ from her VMAs performance. This raises the issue of double standards in the entertainment industry.

Candid: Miley showed off this snap of her doing her mother's male-up on Thursday

Miley shared a photo of herself doing her mother’s makeup on Thursday. She also opened up about a conversation she had with the crew at the VMAs while preparing for her performance. Miley’s bracelets kept getting caught in things and the crew insinuated that she wouldn’t have this problem if she were a man. Miley responded that a man wouldn’t be doing what she was doing because she is using sex appeal to sell the show. She acknowledged that this conversation was absurd and embarrassing. During her performance, Miley wore revealing pants and walked across a giant disco ball while holding onto a chain.

'Treat me like a guy': Miley revealed how an MTV director allegedly made a sexist comment, suggested her performance would be less complicated if she were a male performer

During a recent interview, Miley Cyrus opened up about an incident where she was subjected to sexist behavior by an MTV director. According to her, the director made a comment that implied her performance would be easier if she were a male performer. Miley expressed her desire to be treated as an equal and not judged by her gender.

In a recent podcast, the famous star expressed her excitement for the upcoming VMAs, which she believes is a celebration of pop culture. Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, with all the at-home performances, she wants to give her fans an escape through good old pop culture. She sees this experience as surrealism, and hopes to provide her fans with some much-needed escapism during these trying times. The podcast also delved into Miley’s marriage to Liam Hemsworth, where she opened up about how tough the experience was for her. She expressed her disappointment in how the public villainized her, and how they didn’t consider the possibility that there may have been other factors outside of what they saw that led to the end of their relationship.

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