“Katy Perry’s Timeless Glamour Steals the Show at the Met Gala”

Katy Perry made heads turn on the Met Gala red carpet with her understated look, which is quite unusual for her since she’s known for taking fashion risks. The pop icon has previously donned outfits like a Moschino chandelier dress and Versace angel wings, always paired with daring makeup looks. However, this time she opted for a simpler style with a black and cream Oscar de la Renta dress featuring floral cut-out lace and sheer tulle gloves.

According to Katy’s makeup artist Michael Anthony, he wanted to create a fresh look this year inspired by her authentic and timeless beauty. He opted for a natural and stripped-down approach that complements her dress and the theme of the event. Despite Katy’s history of bold and playful makeup looks, Michael aimed to highlight her genuine beauty.

Anthony started by giving Perry a de-puffing facial to improve her complexion. He then applied Beautyblender’s Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear foundation using a moist Beautyblender sponge, followed by sculpting her features with the Magic Fit Creamy Bronzer & Highlighter Duo. Anthony’s goal was to enhance Perry’s natural beauty by providing a radiant complexion without overdoing it. To complete the look, he added a roseate smoky eye, bright blush, and a pinky nude lip color.

Hairstylist Rick Henry contributed to the timeless beauty of Perry’s appearance by creating a sleek chignon. Placing it on the side accentuated her stunning profile and complemented her dress design. Prior to styling, he prepared her hair with Bumble and bumble’s Bb.Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer and finished the look with Bb.Strong Finish hairspray for a smooth and flyaway-free finish. While it may not have been her most daring look, Perry’s Old Hollywood-inspired beauty showcased her ageless charm that radiates through any style.

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