Katy Perry’s Epic Medieval-Themed Performance at Kids’ Choice Awards

Last month, Katy Perry rocked the Grammys with her latest single “Part of Me”. Music enthusiasts were quick to notice the song’s intense lyrics that clearly aimed at an ex-boyfriend, probably Russell or Travie. However, things were different at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last Saturday (March 31). Perry’s young fans were more interested in the song’s upbeat rhythm and infectious chorus. Even when she gets serious, Katy always manages to keep it fun.

For instance, take her grand entrance: Perry made a dramatic appearance by flying over the audience from the ceiling, wielding a sword. Her performance was accompanied by dancers dressed in medieval attire, complete with puffy shirts and armor-covered dresses. As the iconic bridge of the song started playing, Perry raised a massive shield with a glowing heart at its center.

Although the setting of the Middle Ages and the act of dancing may have had the potential to become intense, things took a humorous turn when one of the dancers found himself caught in a torture device. At this point, Perry decided to grab a pie and smash it straight into his face.

After her outstanding performance, Katy Perry was awarded the Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie award by the host, Will Smith, for her exceptional work as Smurfette in “The Smurfs.” She expressed her gratitude to the audience and stated that the only reason she has come so far is that she has maintained her childlike spirit. She conveyed her love to the audience and announced her excitement to be a part of “Smurfs 2.”

In 2010, she had an unfortunate experience of being covered in green slime and expressed her discomfort by saying, “I can’t see anything. Why does it taste like boogers?” Perry has now released a new music video on MTV, which features her engaging in combat with Marines as a way to express her anger towards her ex-partner. The video has a military theme, but the reason behind this choice remains unknown.

She stated that the song is a declaration of her inner power, and she aimed to depict this through the most robust means possible. She contemplated joining the Marines and recruited solely from their ranks for the music video shoot. As a result, she spent three challenging days as an aspiring Marine.

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