“JLo Ditches Makeup for Rehearsals, Spills Her Beauty Secrets to Fans”

On Wednesday night, Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving a rehearsal space in Los Angeles accompanied by her team. The 54-year-old celebrity looked relaxed and cozy in a loose-fitting pale yellow sweatsuit and white lace-up sneakers. She chose to go makeup-free and wore her hair in a neat bun, showcasing her flawless complexion. To keep herself refreshed, Jennifer held one of her bedazzled reusable cups and kept her iPhone in hand. She also added a touch of glamour to her simple look with a pair of shiny gold hoop earrings. It’s worth noting that Jennifer and her partner Ben Affleck recently purchased a new mansion worth $60 million.

That's a wrap! Jennifer Lopez was spotted exiting a rehearsal space in Los Angeles with her entourage on Wednesday night

All done! Jennifer Lopez and her group were seen leaving a practice area in LA on Wednesday evening.

Comfy: The multi-hyphenate, 54, looked comfy in a baggy pale yellow sweatsuit and white lace-up sneakers

The 54-year-old multi-talented celebrity, Comfy, chose to wear a loose-fitting pale yellow sweatsuit and white lace-up sneakers during her recent outing with her crew and a strong security guard. On Monday, she shared a makeup tutorial on her JLO Beauty Instagram page. Comfy demonstrated her go-to technique for overlining her lips with a brown lip liner, followed by ‘contouring’ the inside of her bottom lip. She finished the look by adding Beso Balm gloss, which she applied using one of her characteristic long pink nails. The Mother actress revealed that her 90s supermodel idols were Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell. She shared that she wanted to create a more current version of the iconic matte nude lip of that era.

Yes, she overlines! Jennifer Lopez shared a makeup trick with her fans on Monday. The 54-year-old The Mother actress took to her JLO Beauty Instagram page to do a tutorial for her fans

Jennifer Lopez revealed her makeup technique that involves overlining on her JLO Beauty Instagram account. The 54-year-old actress gave a tutorial for her followers on Monday and shared her secret to achieve the perfect look.

At her workplace, Jennifer was spotted applying makeup in a unique way. She used a brown lip liner to overline her lips and then contoured the inside of her bottom lip. To give it a contemporary twist, she applied a gloss, which she referred to as a modern take on the 90s supermodel nude lip. All this she shared from the comfort of her home in Los Angeles.

She adores her: The wife of Ben Affleck noted that her idols in the 90s were models Cindy Crawford (seen in 1992), Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. 'I'm gonna show you how to get that 90s lip look,' she began

Jennifer Lopez, the wife of Ben Affleck, has revealed that she looks up to models Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell as her idols during the 90s. She shared a tutorial on how to achieve the 90s lip look using an ultra-hydrating lip mask that can be worn all day. In a recent interview with People, the Grammy winner also shared that she feels her best when going makeup-free. According to Lopez, embracing herself without makeup gives her more confidence and makes her feel better about herself. She doesn’t want to be someone who can’t go out of the house without perfectly done hair and lashes. Despite her love for lipstick and mascara, Lopez wants to show her fans that it’s okay to be makeup-free and natural. She promotes her new Beso lip balm from JLo Beauty and revealed that she takes care of her lips as part of her nighttime routine.

Throwback: 'So back in the 90s there was the supermodel era - I used to love Cindy, Naomi and Linda, all of them. And there was a lip look, it was always a matte look, but we're gonna make it more modern and gloss it up. 'I'm gonna show you how to get that lip look,' began Lopez

Flashback to the 90s when supermodels like Cindy, Naomi, and Linda ruled the fashion world. I was a huge fan of their stunning looks, especially their matte lip look. Now, I’m giving it a modern twist by adding some gloss. Let me show you how to achieve this updated lip look. Jennifer Lopez shared excitedly.

This comes after the Grammy winner revealed to People what makes her feel her best. Turns out, it's going makeup-free. The This Is Me.. Now singer says that 'being able to embrace' herself with no makeup on gives her 'more confidence.' 'It makes me feel better about myself, and makes me feel like I don't have to hide,' shared the mother

According to recent news, the Grammy winner has revealed what boosts her confidence and makes her feel her best – going makeup-free. The singer stated that embracing her natural self without any makeup enhances her self-esteem and enables her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Although she admits to still wanting to look glamorous even when going to bed, with the Deola Beso Balm as her latest release, she ensures that it is perfect for both day and night use. Having thought about it for years, the singer prides herself on the formula’s buttery texture with a glossy finish, making it ideal for hydrating the lips.

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