“J.Lo Criticized as a ‘Sell-Out’ During Her Return to the Bronx”

JLo returned to the Bronx for her first ever hometown concert Wednesday night.

J.Lo came back to her hometown in The Bronx for an unforgettable and historic concert on Wednesday night. The artist gave a fantastic performance that left everyone in awe. Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix captured the moment perfectly.

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo and Jenny from the Block, performed her first-ever show in The Bronx where she was born and raised. However, despite her claims of being “from the block,” some residents feel that she has become disconnected from her roots. They see her as a wealthy celebrity who spends most of her time hobnobbing in California and the Hamptons, rather than giving back to her community. Some locals believe that she is a sellout and hasn’t done enough for the neighborhood, although they acknowledge her musical talents.

According to Kristina Bumphrey/StarPixProducers, 25,000 concert tickets were given out for free. However, only a small percentage of fans showed up, resulting in minimal traffic issues around Orchard Beach. One fan, McGinn, expressed interest in seeing the show but found that many people she spoke with didn’t want to attend due to negative feelings towards the artist. Some believe she’s a sellout and took too long to make a comeback.

J.Lo finally performed in her hometown of The Bronx, 15 years after her debut album release. She entertained her fans with a compilation of her hit songs like “If You Had My Love,” “Ain’t It Funny,” and “Jenny from the Block” for an hour and a half. Along with these hits, she also sang some tracks from her upcoming album, “A.K.A.” set to release on June 17. During her performance, Lopez mentioned her Castle Hill upbringing multiple times. At one point, her dancers and she sat on a flight of stairs and sang a cappella, mimicking a neighborhood stoop scene. She said, “This is how we used to do it in The Bronx,” beneath a giant lighting rig. Lopez exclaimed that she was thrilled to be performing in her hometown.

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