“Discover Jennifer Aniston’s Secret to a Stronger Body in Pvolve Campaign: Unleashing My Inner Strength”

In Pvolve’s latest global ad campaign, Jennifer Aniston is sharing her fitness secrets and revealing how the program has helped her become stronger than ever before. The 54-year-old actress showcases her toned physique in a black sports bra and leggings while demonstrating exercises using Pvolve’s equipment. The campaign, titled “Pvolve: A Strength That Sets You Free,” promotes the program’s unique approach to functional movement combined with resistance-based equipment to sculpt, strengthen, and restore the body. After suffering a back injury in 2021, Aniston discovered Pvolve and became a fan of the program, eventually reaching out to partner with them. The workout is available through on-demand streaming and in-person classes.

The actress expressed her desire for more people to be aware of her fitness routine, citing its effectiveness as the reason. She believes it is important to keep things exciting, particularly as one gets older, and to treat one’s body with kindness. Aniston has updated her exercise philosophy and now emphasizes starting gently instead of adopting a “no pain, no gain” mentality. In the new campaign for Pvolve, she stresses the importance of working at one’s own level and showcases her use of the brand’s resistance equipment. The montage shows Aniston sweating, sculpting, and bending, but not breaking, which she finds liberating.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Fitness Secret Weapon in New Pvolve Campaign

The latest global ad campaign for Pvolve features none other than Jennifer Aniston! The beloved actress is front and center in the campaign, promoting this innovative fitness brand.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Fitness Secret Weapon in New Pvolve Campaign

In a recent campaign for Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston demonstrated various home workouts. According to her trainer Dani Coleman, Aniston prefers intense workouts but has realized that achieving results does not have to involve pushing one’s body to the limit. Coleman emphasizes efficiency by carefully planning each workout and focusing on simple yet effective moves that target each muscle group. In their training sessions, Aniston and Coleman make use of Pvolve’s resistance equipment, specifically the P.band and gliders, with the former strengthening the upper body and engaging the core. Even while travelling, Aniston packs the P.band and P.ball, which combined, provide a full body workout. Coleman sends her workout recommendations to try out during such times.

According to Coleman, Jennifer is always up for a challenge and enjoys pushing herself. When she’s not on the road, they work out together around three times per week.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Fitness Secret Weapon in New Pvolve Campaign

Jennifer Aniston has incorporated the resistance pieces from Pvolve into her personal workout routine at home. Interested individuals can begin with the Pvolve Method by purchasing equipment bundles and streaming classes, such as the Signature Bundle that includes one month of streaming and three pieces of equipment or the Total Transformation Bundle that features 13 pieces of strength training, including Aniston’s preferred items, and one year of streaming. On the Pvolve website, Aniston’s favorite classes are available in a compilation called “Jen’s Picks,” with Sculpt Burn being her top choice due to its effectiveness, speed, and difficulty. Both bundles offer a 30-day trial period for at-home use and can be returned if they do not meet the buyer’s expectations. Additionally, the company provides a free week of classes, which are normally priced at $14.99 per month.

Each package includes a personalized consultation with a trainer who will discuss your objectives and suggest suitable classes,” Coleman shared with PEOPLE. Aniston also emphasized the importance of taking small steps and gradually increasing your workout routine, stating, “You begin with small, manageable steps and work your way up, completing multiple 20-minute classes before you know it because you’re motivated to continue.”

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