“Blazing Instagram Update from J.Lo: Showcasing Her Iconic Booty Following a Romantic Escape with Ben Affleck in Montana”

After her recent romantic getaway with former flame Ben Affleck in Montana, Jennifer Lopez immediately returned to work. The 51-year-old singer was seen preparing for filming in Miami and showed off her famous derrière in a dressing room. Celebrity stylist Rob Zangardi captured the moment when a member of JLo’s glam team added some shimmer touch-ups to her upper thigh area. Meanwhile, her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez was also in Miami and was reportedly surprised to hear about her reignited relationship with Affleck, whom she had not been with for almost 20 years.

Red hot! Jennifer Lopez shows off her famous derrière in a sizzling snap... as she gets back to work after romantic trip with Ben Affleck in Montana over the weekend

Recently, Jennifer Lopez shared a photo on social media that showcased her well-known derrière. Although it’s unclear what project she may be working on, the caption of “That JLo Glow” was tagged with the fashion brand Coach in the snap. In other news, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who are commonly referred to as “Bennifer,” were spotted together on a romantic getaway trip to a fancy ski resort in Montana over the weekend. Photos depict the couple looking at ease and comfortable around each other as they sat side-by-side in an SUV. Sources have suggested that Affleck has been spending time at Lopez’s LA mansion on multiple occasions. Recently, Affleck was caught up in an embarrassing situation after a potential date leaked a video of him asking why she had “unmatched” him from the celebrity dating app Raya.

Hands on! JLo is helped by her a member of her glam squad as she gets ready in her trailer

As JLo prepares for her upcoming appearance, she is currently in her trailer receiving assistance from one of her glam squad members. She is actively involved in the process and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Bennifer back on: Affleck, 48, and Lopez, 51, are pictured above in Montana together over the weekend

During the recent weekend, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen together in Montana, leading to speculations on whether they have rekindled their romance. This news follows after Jennifer’s announcement of her separation from Alex Rodriguez, citing that they have decided to remain as friends. They released a statement expressing their intention to continue supporting each other’s businesses and projects, as well as wishing the best for their children and each other.

Ab fab: JLo was seen in Miami on Wednesday showing off her sculpted physique while leaving a gym

JLo looked stunning as she was seen exiting a fitness center in Miami on Wednesday, confidently showing off her well-sculpted and defined figure.

Wow factor: The 51-year-old looked flawless after her strenuous workout

Pumping iron: Jen is known for her sculpted bod thanks to her rigorous workouts

Wow! In spite of her rigorous exercise routine, the woman who is 51 years old looked absolutely flawless.

You can't touch this: The Let's Got Loud singer has an undeniable work ethic when it comes to pumping iron in the gym

It’s clear that the Let’s Get Loud singer is fully committed to their fitness regimen, going all out at the gym with some intense weightlifting. As MC Hammer famously said, “Can’t touch this!”

Glow: The stunning singer was seen heading out from the gym in Miami

Off to see Ben? Jen was recently pictured with her old flame Ben Affleck

The stunning singer, Glow, was seen leaving a gym in Miami. During Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s split, they focused on their children – Emme and Max, who are Jennifer’s twin thirteen-year-olds, and Natasha, who is sixteen, and Ella, who is twelve, who are Alex’s daughters. Meanwhile, Rodriguez subtly took a jab at his romantic rival, Affleck, when asked about Affleck’s recent trip to Montana with his former fiancé. In response to the question, Rodriguez shouted “Go Yankees!” on video, which could be seen as fighting words since Affleck supports the Boston Red Sox, a major baseball rival of the Yankees. Furthermore, during the filming of Gone Girl, Affleck refused to wear a Yankees cap.

'Go Yankees!' Rodriguez said when asked about the resurgence of 'Bennifer' in a video - which is fighting talk given Affleck is a huge fan of rival baseball team the Boston Red Sox

When asked about the resurgence of ‘Bennifer’, Rodriguez responded with an unexpected statement, “Go Yankees!” This remark is significant because Affleck is a well-known Boston Red Sox supporter, which puts him in direct competition with the Yankees.

Dig? When he is questioned further about their trip to Montana, the 45-year-old former New York Yankees player added, 'Go Yankees!' with a wry smile

Business: A-Rod was seen hugging his manager in Miami on Monday afternoon

Business: The other day, A-Rod was seen hugging his boss in Miami.

Suave: A-Rod looked smart while in Miami on Monday after a business meeting

During a business meeting in Miami on Monday, A-Rod was spotted looking sharp and debonair, displaying an air of sophistication. As captured in a video released by the media outlet, he was asked about the recent news on the rekindled romance between his ex-girlfriend Jennifer and Ben. Though the question could have been uncomfortable, the former New York Yankees player remained unperturbed and composed as he walked towards his car. When questioned further about their trip to Montana, A-Rod responded with a witty smirk and a playful quip, “Go Yankees!” It’s common knowledge that the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is one of the most intense rivalries in American sports, having lasted over a century and creating an atmosphere of fierce competition between the two teams.

In demand: Due to her romance with Ben Affleck, JLo has become the center of attention

In high demand: Due to her romantic relationship with Ben Affleck, JLo has gained attention and become a topic of fascination.

Working it: The actress and singer showed off a different workout outfit in Miami

Earning her stripes: Jen certainly puts in the effort when it comes to her workouts

Getting in Shape: The athlete showed off a one-of-a-kind workout outfit while working out in Miami.

Move! JLo was seen power walking to the gym after her romantic week away

After a romantic week-long vacation, JLo was seen heading to the gym with a brisk pace. Rumors circulated that Rodriguez was spotted near Lopez’s old home where they used to live together before their recent breakup. In the past, David Fincher, the director, criticized Affleck for not wearing a Yankees hat during a movie scene, citing his Boston background and unprofessionalism as an actor. This baseball rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox even caused friction between “Bennifer” during their early 2000s relationship, as Affleck himself admitted.

Steamy: Ben Affleck is said to own a chalet in the private Yellowstone Club resort (pictured above)

As per the latest buzz, it has been stated that Ben Affleck possesses a lovely chalet in the high-end Yellowstone Club retreat. This lavish resort is popular for its extravagant features and awe-inspiring sceneries.

New couple? Amid reports that the two-time Oscar winner, 48, enjoyed a weeklong getaway with the 51-year-old On the Floor hitmaker, the Yes Day star is simply 'trying to live her life and raise her kids' (Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pictured in 2003)

There have been rumors circulating that a famous 48-year-old actor and two-time Oscar winner recently went on a romantic trip with a 51-year-old singer and actress. However, the star of Yes Day has clarified that she is simply living her life and raising her children. This actor previously dated the singer 17 years ago and even joked about their differing sports team loyalties. Despite the recent buzz around their possible reunion, the actress just finished filming her latest movie alongside Josh Duhamel, who replaced the original male lead. Meanwhile, the actor’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner is focusing on their three children’s happiness amidst the Bennifer resurgence rumors.

Former flame: Lopez and Rodriguez (seen together in September 2019) confirmed their split last month just weeks after fighting off break-up rumors

It seems that Jennifer Garner is not interested in meddling with Ben Affleck’s love life, especially now that he’s back together with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. A source claimed to E! News that Garner prioritizes her children’s happiness and wants to ensure that Ben remains a good father to their kids. The insider also mentioned that Garner wants to distance herself from any gossip or controversy. Previously, Affleck and Garner were married for 13 years and have three children together. Recently, Affleck shared a heartfelt tribute to Garner on Instagram, featuring some never before seen photos of her with their children.

Crossing paths: Ben and Jen both took part in the Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert To Reunite The World at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on May 2

Wow: Jen looked incredible during her performance, while ex Ben turned up to lend his star quality to the event

By chance, Ben and Jen crossed paths at the VAX LIVE event organized by Global Citizen and hosted at the SoFi Stadium situated in Inglewood, California on May 2nd.

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