“Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Aniston Rocks a Bobbed Wig in We’re The Millers”

Did Jennifer Aniston’s new bobbed look inspire your haircut? In behind-the-scenes shots from the movie We’re The Millers, she can be seen wearing nothing but lingerie and a wig.

Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston surprised her fans by revealing her new short haircut. However, it appears that the inspiration for her dramatic transformation might have come from her role in the movie We’re The Millers. Recently released stills from the film depict the 44-year-old actress donning a sexy, short, brunette wig while filming a stripping scene.

The source of inspiration for this piece is the recently released behind-the-scenes shots from the movie We’re The Millers, where Jennifer Aniston can be seen sporting a bobbed brunette wig. Although the color of the wig is different from her actual bob, the cut is almost identical. In the pictures, Jennifer looks stunning as she dances on a stripper pole wearing very little clothing. Her incredible gym-toned figure can be seen in a black balconette bra and tiny knickers paired with suspenders, stockings, and heels. These shots give a sneak peek into the making of the movie and showcase Jennifer’s amazing performance skills.

The upcoming movie, We’re the Millers, features Jennifer Aniston in a highly seductive role as a stripper. Her portrayal has earned her a nomination for best female performance at the MTV Movie Awards. However, Jennifer revealed in a recent interview that it took a lot of effort to achieve her stunning physique for the role. Despite sticking to a strict diet and exercise regime, she did allow herself to eat on the day of the shooting for the stripping scenes. Don’t miss the release of We’re the Millers on April 13th!

I used to focus on eating healthy foods like greens, vegetables, lean proteins, and kale. Even when I craved something indulgent, I still opted for a healthier option like kale chips. Recently, I also debuted a new bob haircut and was captured dancing in front of a small film crew.

Jennifer acknowledged her yoga instructor and close pal, Mandy Ingber, for helping her achieve a toned body suitable for strip teases. However, the actress was not only concerned about her physique but also about exposing too much of it. Jennifer admitted to taking great measures to ensure that her private parts, which she lovingly refers to as ‘kibbles and bits,’ were adequately covered during performances. She shared that it required significant strapping and organizing to achieve the desired coverage.

I didn’t use any tape for support, instead I wore two bras and two pairs of underwear, which in hindsight was pretty silly. I even thought about wearing three bras just in case one failed me! The movie We’re The Millers will be available on DVD starting December 16th, 2013.

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